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May 24th 1994: The death of two dentists & two officials were shown on the news later that evening. The view was from the air as a chopper was flying overhead. It showed the Ferrari loosing control as the car hit the pea gravel on the side of the road, how it slid sideways, and then appeared to gain control, over corrected, and slid into the van the two officials had just ran to. This news segment was not aired again.

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second to disaster

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The two dentists from Japan… This photo was taken from a magazine many years ago, and kept by one of our friends.
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Australian Muscle Car Magazine
August 2010

Cannonballrun News Interview (About a week before the race) 1994.

This video was taken from a driver’s perspective. Car number 200. It’s all in Japanese but the footage is great. You get the gist of what is being said just by watching the video.

The Cannonballrun from a drivers perspective. Charles Ryder.

This video was taken so he could show his wife (who was in hospital at the time) what the Cannonballrun was like.

It’s not just about the times in the car. The video showcases Darwin and the Northern Territory, the awards ceremony, the works.

Be warned, it’s a very long video. You might need to get a beer or two (Or best make that half a carton in an eski beside you)

It’s well worth the watch.



Amateur Footage taken of John Shipham directing the cars coming into to a rest point at Erldunda



7.30 Report 25/05/1994


7.30 Report 20/12/1994

Cannonball Run Preview

Cannonballrun Darwin 1994

22nd – 27th May 1994