Help Required!

The below was put together to try and help identify all the cars, in Make, Model, and Year. All pages that each car is featured on have been recorded here. Hopefully seeing the different angles of each car will help in the identification process. Thanks for any help you can offer.


Car Number Make Model Year Time Trials Page Show Day Page Race Day Page Finish Day Page
Official Pace Car Nissan 300ZX ? * *
Official Race Car Nissan 300ZX ? *
Official Race Car Mazda Series 5 RX7 ? *
Alan Moffat’s Car BMW 3 Series ? * *
(Pic Required)
Holden Commodore SS V8 1994
33 Mercedes 500 SL ? * * *
(Pic Required)
Dodge Challenger 1971
(Pic Required)
Peugeot Mi16 1989
(Pic Required)
Nissan 300ZX ?
(Pic Required)
Ford XAGT 1972
132 Bufori ? ? *
(Pic Required)
Ford GT HO XY (Shaker) 1971 *
186 Honda Prelude ? *
(Pic Required)
Ford XA GT 1972


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22nd – 27th May 1994