The Cannonball Run

22nd to 27th of May 1994

Darwin to Alice Springs and back to Darwin


Australian Flag


Northern Territory Flag

Well, who would of thought that a country like Australia would host the very first “legal” Cannonball Run? It happened, and we have the “Happy Snaps” to prove it.

Having done all my growing up in Darwin I was pleased to escape the place back in 1987. At that stage I had just turned 17 and Darwin didn’t have anything exciting happen, apart from the odd tourist that got taken by a crocodile.

I had left a couple of mates behind and they had been trying to get me to go back to Darwin for some years. In late 1993 I got the phone call that changed my holiday schedule. (Not my life… it wasn’t that big.)

A mate of mine had rang to tell me there was going to be a legal Cannonball Run, with people coming from all over the world to participate. They were coming to race their exotic sports cars down the track to Alice and back. In local slang translated that meant: “there was going to be a car race from Darwin, down the Stuart Highway all the way to Alice Springs (better known as the place that has the rock…. Ayers Rock) and then they would have to turn around and come back up the Stuart Highway back to Darwin again.” All this in the tradition of the movie, The Cannonball Run.

These cars would have to do a total of 4000 Kilometres (or approx 2485 Miles) flat out.

Northern TerritoryMap of Australia – Northern Territory shaded in orange.

With the new destination for our holiday chosen, I hung up the phone and told the girlfriend (then wife, now x-wife and great mate) where we were going.

This site was put together for the benefit of others that didn’t know this event had even happened. We have heard it explained to us like it was myth or even legend, like it had never happened. Try searching the net, and there is nothing around, only some parliamentary text and the odd pic of a car that “was in the Cannonball that was held in Australia some time ago”. When you tell people you were actually there, they look at you like “Yeah right, everyone was there, but no one can prove it”

Well this is the proof that it actually happened.

Whilst we have tried very hard to make sure this website is as accurate as possible, we know that we will make the odd mistake in putting the site together. So please, if you see an obvious mistake, be it the wrong make or model of a car, or more in depth, maybe the order in which you know the cars left or came back to Darwin is different than what we have. What ever the mistake, don’t hesitate to contact us info@cannonballrun.info

The pics we took whilst on holiday were never intended to be made for public record, so please excuse the amateurish shots. Digital camera’s were not around as yet, so we had to scan in all the pics that make up this site. If you have any other photo’s that you think should be put up, please email them to us and we will add them in.

This site has a “Thank You” page. Please take the time to have a look at this page, as these are the individuals and businesses that have contributed to making this site possible.


22nd – 27th May 1994