Thank You

All these people or businesses have contributed in some way to
making this website the way it is:

Norman Balke: (Former resident of Darwin) For supplying some of the pics, and sending us the T-shirt to photograph.

Gerry: For the countless hours of trying to work out what some of the cars were, and fixing up some of the pictures for us. A picture of his “Mint Condition Cannonball Run” shirt was also welcomed.

Ashman: For identifying all the Fords. A true “Ford Man”.

Slick: For the little push required to get this website started.

Perth Performance Car Club: To all the guys that helped identify the cars. Great bunch of guys.

Club VR4: Even though there is not a Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 in the crowd… these guys still lent a hand putting the finishing touches on some of the very hard to identify cars… well done guys, and thanks allot.

Kerry Hovell: Who actually worked on the Cannonball Run. His job was to clear all the dead Kangaroo’s, Lizards, Tyres, steel etc. On the track from Katherine to Larrimah.

My Dad: When we moved the website from to the domain you are viewing the website on now (Much easier to remember, I am sure you will agree 😉 Dad spruced up the website, and spent hours on getting everything sorted out, and bring the website kicking and screaming into the late 2000’s 🙂 Thanks Dad. Great work.

The Guru: For that cool “page flip” thing on the media page. It’s great, if you haven’t seen it yet get on that page and take a look at the magazine’s. Click on them. Have a look. In case I don’t update this page very often, in 2008, that page flip thing was very cool.


Well if you have read this far… you must be a car enthusiast…. These are some the emails I had received.

Hey Mate,

I’ve heard rumours about there being a cannonball style run in the early 90’s but being too young to drive at the time I wasn’t interested in cars at all.

I remember hearing about the race being cancelled and that there was an accident in which 2 officials and 2 Japanese died.

Now I am very interested in cars, I own a Skyline R32 GT-R, the same model that was in the race and I couldn’t find any information on the internet about this race held in the N.T.

Then I came across your site, it’s great very informative and the pictures are fantastic for a 10 year old event.

Great work.

From Gary.

Hi mate,

Just tripped over your site mate. Great stuff! We have an EBGT that (Car 234) ran in the event, so I have always been fascinated by it. Well done on compiling the info, I hope you get the recognition you deserve.

Cheers, Chris Bowden.

0438 269938

Hi Russ

I watched the video albeit over about 4 hours. Yes it was long, but well worth watching for nostalgia. I think it reflects the nature of the event, and whilst tragic, shows we weren’t all a bunch of hoons going hell-for-leather for 4000 odd km’s.

Prior to you (The website) coming along, it was almost impossible to find any information on the race, I guess because the internet didn’t become main stream until the very late 90’s and by then it was all a distant memory for us competitors.

You’ve done an amazing job collating information and it’s come along away over the past couple of years.

Car 29

Thanks Guys….. good to get some feed back…

If you would like to be kept up to date with all the latest information that comes to hand about the website, please drop us an email at . It doesn’t cost anything, and it’s not like we are sending out info on a daily basis… Just as new gear or new information comes to light, we post it up, and let a group of people know that it has come to light. that group of people generally consists of Drivers, Navigators, and generally interested people from the public if that’s you…. by all means… ask to be put on the list… it’s no bother

22nd – 27th May 1994